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Manager - Quality Assurance (KFM)

Job Purpose

  • Develop and implement a Quality Management System with the aim of support company’s efficiency and objectives
  • Develop and implement a Food /Feed Safety programs with the aim of contributing to the company’s competitive edge over the competition and compliance with Regulation.
  • QA policy making involvement and ensuring proper implementation in cooperation with other company senior executives. 
  • Quality Control is to be assured by inspection and monitoring of processes.
  • Develop and maintain Documented procedures to support business

Key Accountabilities

Quality Assurance, Policy Formulation & Monitoring:

  • Direct/manage overall Quality Assurance/ Quality Control processes for Feed SBU
  • Develop, direct and manage the overall Biosecurity Program
  • Formulate Quality Assurance policies and procedures based on cooperation with VP
  • Guide Quality Managers in individual departments to translate the quality policies into specific protocols, tests, procedures at the department level
  • Support all departments to ensure quality standards are adhered to (purchasing, nutrition, formulation, materials management, manufacturing, sales/marketing and outsourced jobs/activities)
  • Identify tools and inspection equipment required and establish inspection guidelines for usage

Troubleshooting: Root Cause Analysis:

  • Coordinate with relevant department heads to analyze, investigate and report the root cause for any customer complaints received on quality issues
  • Establish a failure analysis system, root cause analysis, incoming materials failure analysis and failure analysis on customer returns
  • Ensure reporting and corrective actions are undertaken in a timely manner
  • Report to the President on regular basis on the progress of such initiatives

Food/Feed Safety:

Responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining prerequisite programs (PRPs) to control feed safety hazards in feed and animal food and in materials intended for use in the production of feed and animal food.

Develop and Ensure effectiveness of Prerequisite programs to ensure feed safety and to prevent, control and detect potential contamination including cross-contamination that could occur.

Conduct and maintain a hazard analysis to determine which hazards need to be controlled, the degree of control required to ensure food safety, and which combination of control measures is required

Ensure the Establishment HACCP plans and OPRP plans

Ensure that sufficient information on issues concerning food safety is available throughout the organization and maintain effective arrangements for communicating with

  1. a) suppliers and contractors,
  2. b) customers or consumers, in particular: product information and customer feedback including customer complaints,
  3. c) statutory and regulatory authorities, and
  4. d) other organizations that have an impact on, or will be affected by, the effectiveness or updating of the food safety management system.
  • Establish, implement and maintain effective arrangements for communicating with personnel on issues having an impact on food safety.
  • Has the responsibility and authority:
  1. a) to manage organize food safety teams,
  2. b) to ensure relevant training
  3. c) to ensure that the food safety management system is established, implemented, maintained and updated, and

    d)     to report to the Company’s top management on the effectiveness and suitability of the food safety management system

Quality Audits:

  • Maintain company’s conformance to the standards in auditing systems
  • Perform quality audits and monitor utilities for quality issues
  • Ensure adherence to ISO and/or HACCP standards and/or GMP+

Customer Feedback and Complaint Handling:

  • Establish and maintain and effective customer Feedback/complaint handling process.
  • Ensure that Customer complaint are investigated, reported and closed


  • Report as per agreed frequency on BSC as well as operational improvement initiatives using relevant measures

Operating Environment

  • NA

Communication & Working Relationships


  • Interacts with the President, the Vice-Presidents, Senior Managers,Plant Site Management, and the Suppliers/Contractors.

External :

  • Communicate with other Quality and Biosecurity professionals, vendors and technology specialists.

Decision Making

  • Decide the quality control plan and policy for Feed SBU.
  • Decide the maximum allowed variation from the specified baselines.
  • Approve the new/existing metrics for scalable measurement of variations.
  • Commission different studies for quality improvement initiatives

Qualifications, Experience,and Knowledge & Skills:

Qualifications :

  • Master Degree Food Sciences/Animal Nutrition/Chemical Engineering / DVM /


  • Bachelor Degree combined with at least 10 years’ experience in feed/food or related industries (relevant stream)
  • Recognized qualification/certification in Quality Control and Quality Management

Experience & Skills :

  • 10 years’ experience in Food chain related job of which 5 years in Quality Control/Assurance
  • Previous experience in implementation of ISO/HACCP/GMP+ Quality Assurance Programs
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office:  Excel, PowerPoint , Word and Outlook

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