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Superintendent - Store

Job Purpose

This position is to Managing and Controlling the entire inventory to ensure zero loss of the cost. In addition to ensure that the consumables and spare parts of the maintenance, project, production, EHS parts in our operation are stored under standard conditions and kept at the optimum stock level.

Key Accountabilities

Warehouse Management Activities:

  • Maintain standard storage conditions for materials and spare parts, and notify relevant supervisors in case of problems.
  • Performing the downloading and storage of the received materials only in the defined zones.
  • To take delivery of materials with production, EHS, Maintenance and Project departments by Cargo etc., to make receipt transactions within 24 hours, to give information to those concerned., to carry out quality control.
  • Monthly production, opening of EHS consumable purchase requests according to stock level, follow up to inform the related manager in case of problems.
  • Checking the critical stock levels of the specified warehouse spare parts, making purchase requests if necessary.
  • Opening new material purchase requests in the direction of requests from maintenance supervisors and creating warehouse code if required.

Maintenance Management Program, SAP Activities :

  • Substituting spare parts based on order number.
  • Prepared Monthly stock report for monthly stock balance value,  received & issuance for monthly records
  • Monitoring stock replenishment to ensure stock availability.
  • Prepare CAPEX form for signature approval for end user spare parts request.
  • Arrange purchase request prepared receipt for finance payment.
  • Conduct quarterly & annual Inventory for stock balance and ensure record reflect actual quantities on hand for finance annual report.

Activities Contributing to the Development of the Team:

  • To participate in maintenance meetings to communicate developments and changes in the division, to raise awareness of the team by providing feedback in positive and developmental open areas.
  • Transfer of knowledge and experiences to other team members of the team using training, field applications, meetings, etc. and support the team's development.

Operating Environment

•           Continue working in the office that creates ergonomics.

•           Lifting heavy materials.

•           Dealing with dust and hot & cold environment.

Communication & Working Relationships


Maintenance Manager, Purchasing, Finance, Maintenance staff, other sub-offices employee.


Supplier, Hauler transport

Decision Making

Purchase Request quantity & value, annual vacation for staff, allocation for bin transferring of materials, Purchase Request budget as per department.

Qualifications, Experience,and Knowledge & Skills:


Bachelor In accounting Or Tech. Diploma with a special course in material management.


Minimum 3 years warehouse management experience or purchase.

Job Specific skills:

•           Having knowledge of warehouse.

•           Inventory management.

•           Procurement process.

•           Knowledge about the maintenance management system (SAP).

•           Computer literate (MS-Excel, word etc...).

Generic Skills:

•           Strong communication and organizational skills.

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